Friday, July 25, 2008

New Show, Last Show at Studio Lolo

Hello everyone! Thanks for being so patient regarding photos of the "3 Squares" show at studio lolo. These aren't the best shots, but I think you can get an idea. I think if you enlarge the pics, you'll get a pretty good view of most of them. The opening was well attended and fun, but lots of work! But alas, I believe this will be my swan song at the studio as I can't afford to keep it any longer. Also, I have applied for a veterinary job in Rhode Island and I have an interview by phone on Monday. I'll keep you posted!

So please enjoy the show...and many thanks to all who participated. I hope I sell your work before I close at the end of the month!




Vickie said...

What a neat concept for a show. Even with the same theme each group of paintings is so unique. I love the bridge pictures. It makes me want to visit the Bay area and Monterey again. I love it there.

marianne said...

Oh this is such a nice concept!
At first I thought it was all your work and was in awe of all the different styles, but as i read further I see that you are exhibiting others work as well. The 3 square part I like a lot.
I have clicked to enlarge and I saw some wonderful work there!
Wish you luck on your job interview.

INDIGENE said...

Beautiful work! Good luck on the interview. Happy weekend!

Mim said...

These are great, and I like the idea of the 3 squares.

Good luck with the Rhode Island job- altho how you can bear to leave CA to return to the rain we've been having is beyond me! But good luck!

kim said...

I really wish I would have had time to participate in this. It really looks nice!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Hi Lolo! Thanks again for inviting me to be part of the show, it looks fantastic! I love those three amigos paintings, so cool! I wish I could have been there in person. Good luck on your interview on Monday!

Forever Young said...

oh lordy lordy what a marvellously brilliant show, no wonder you have been stressed out of all proportion! can you have some time to rest now? how will getting rid of the studio affect you and your artistic life? do you really have to? good luck on job interview, i know you'll get it, hope it's exactly what you want and not just for financial pressures.wfs

AscenderRisesAbove said...

awww - I really wish I would have sent some in. a very nice show. it was fun to see the sets of three on the walls and grouped on your site

sketched out said...

Gorgeous, all of it... the artwork and the way you arranged it. A wonderful show. Glad you had a good turnout. Sorry to hear that it's your swan song though.

Hey, how did your phone interview go? It was Monday right? Hope all goes the way you want it to!