Sunday, May 18, 2008

Old Roses and Zuby

I have wonderful clients who spoil me because they're so grateful for the care I give to their beloved animals. This one lady has a twenty year old cat her son brought home from Paris. Her name is Zuby and I adore her. I see her every other day to give her fluid therapy for her failing kidneys. She's really doing quite well and has even gained weight! Each day after treatment I carry her out to the garden so she can smell the roses and get some fresh air. She points her face towards the sun and closes her eyes in sheer bliss. It really lifts her spirits as well as mine. The local paper just did an article on me and my pet nursing services and Zuby and I were on the front page. The reporter got misty-eyed when I leaned Zuby forward to smell the roses.

Yesterday, Zuby's mom insisted I cut some roses to bring to the studio, so I did. The fragrance is filling up my space, and when I look at them I think of my time in the garden with Zuby, and that fills up my heart.