Thursday, January 31, 2008

Golden Moments

When I saw this Golden Retriever on Carmel Beach, I was lost in his world for a while. He just indulged in his carefree, water-loving , ain't got a care today typical and perfect! I'm sure he didn't bring worries or fears to the beach. No baggage for this guy. His only thoughts are food, tennis ball and beach. Does it get any better than that?

Today I'm grateful for wading dogs and tail wags, especially the one that's waiting at home for me.

(Click to enlarge)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A New Day

I'm such a sucker for clouds! I always go home for my camera if I'm on a walk with Emma and I see fantastic, dramatic cloud formations. Often times our skies are cloudless, pure blue for miles. As beautiful as that is, I prefer clouds. I love when the skies are clearing after a night of rain and the morning is full of promise. The blue slides in between the greys, kind of like a sky sandwich that nourishes the soul. Yup. Love those cloudy, magical moments.

C,mon Mum!!

When Emma and I get back from a walk she's always anxious to go in the house and tell Dad all about it! She's such a crack-up. He's out this morning though, so she ran from room to room looking for him. I'm so grateful for her exuberance and spirited nature, always reminding me to have fun and not to sweat the small stuff. Thanks, Em!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mugu Memorial Hospice Fund

Most of you know that I'm a retired veterinary technician who now does home care as a visiting nurse for pets. Most of the animals I'm called to care for are in end of life stages, so my role is to help them through their remaining days with dignity and comfort, as well as to be there as a comfort to their human companions and guide them through the end of life process with grace and compassion.

We lost a beauty of a cat last Friday. Her name was Mugu, an eighteen year old veteran who stole my heart with her will to live. She taught me a lot in the two months I nursed her, and my life is richer for having known her this short time.

Her "Mom" wanted to show her gratitude to me for the care I had given them both, so she started The Mugu Memorial Fund so that people with financial hardship could benefit from my care for their pets. I'm so completely touched by this gesture.

We're in the process of setting this up and trying to keep it simple. If any of you would like to donate, please contact me by email by clicking on the Magu Memorial link above.

I know Mugu is purring her approval. She was a classy cat.