Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zen Garden

I finally got the Buddha statue out of the back of the car after 3 weeks. Yikes, he's a heavy one! I situated him where I thought he looked best and then I planted the grasses around him. I'm disappointed in the choice of white stones. It looks a little too "snowy" and pretentious, but I'll scatter some larger smooth black stones on top and hope it takes away from the starkness. You can't really see the bamboo behind him because it's so short still. Hopefully the summer will be kind and cause a growth spurt. The grasses will fill out nicely, I'm sure, and the nasturtiums will bloom behind him as will the yellow lilies. It will be a pretty space that will bring me pleasure. I'll take more pictures as the garden changes, but for now all I have is this humble beginning and the gratitude for the little piece of land to place it on.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ming-Wah's Progress

For everyone who wants to know how little Ming-Wah is doing, I thought I'd post some photos of his big first day at hydrotherapy and being put on a regular treadmill. It was hard for me to let other people step in, but we all have an important role in his healing. So, today I'll be the photographer! First of all, here's his beautiful face. He posed for me after our morning exercises today. The adorable dog with the ball in her mouth is his best friend and roommate, Poppy. She looks forward to my visits as much as he does because it means treats for everyone! The other photos are Ming on the regular treadmill, trying really hard to find his rhythm; Ming standing in the hydrotherapy treadmill while the water is filling with his mom on the left giving him instructions to walk. Another photo of him, mom and Auntie Rox cheering him on, and one of his little feet working really, really hard to find placement and balance underwater. What a champ!!!! Now do you understand why I do what I do? They just melt my heart, and I'm grateful to be called to help.

I'll post new pictures as little Mings progresses. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers for Ming and his mom, Lisa.