Monday, June 30, 2008

Hens and Chicks

I love doing extra weekly challenges that make me stop and look around. I wonder if I would have seen these Hens and Chicks blossoming if I hadn't stopped to participate in Cactus Monday? I'm sure I would have because I love being in the garden, but at least this made me slow down today so I could appreciate the simple things we sometimes take for granted.

Happy Cactus Monday Cacuteers! And remember to take a moment to stop and smell the succulents :)


Teri C said...

I just love hens and chicks and have a few in my garden. They even bloom when I remember to water them :)
This is a wonderful photo and really worth stopping for and looking around!

Debra Kay said...

I have one of those purple/black hens and chicks now. They are such neat plants-almost like little critters.

Laura said...

Hi Laurel - how are you my dear?
I just love this shot of your hens & chicks! Hope you're beating the heat ok - we're finally getting some much needed rain here :>


human being said...

they are one of my favorites...
a very ince shot...

marianne said...

An award is waiting for you on my blog!
Love >M<