Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Animal Wednesday : Garden Critters

As I was watering the garden last night I was smiling at a few of my garden critters. It dawned on me that I could use them for Animal Wednesday! So here we have a sweet pig in the afternoon light, nestled in the nasturtiums. There's the Princess Camelia in the French blue lobelia, and then there's the cat with attitude! This cat was made by a sculptor in Connecticut (whose name escapes me). I love his human eyes, his stuck-out tongue and the fact that he's not neutered! I should have shown a back view, it's hilarious! (Please DO neuter your real cats though!)

I like having my whimsical friends nearby. They keep me in good company.

Happy Animal Wednesday!!


AscenderRisesAbove said...

a new blog -- clever you; how do you do it all?


Teri C said...

These make an adorable addition to your garden.

Happy Animal Wednesday...on Tuesday :) I did the second take when I saw your other post, thought I forgot to do it.

Suana said...

Loooove the cat. Wonderful. It makes for a great garden ornament but I think it would also look really adorable in a children's room as a soft sculpture..
'til soon

human being said...

so lovely
i especially loved the cat... i love the style very much... like primitive artworks but very stylish

Mim said...

we seem to be in garden mode this week, lovely statues and pics

Anonymous said...

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