Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A New Day

I'm such a sucker for clouds! I always go home for my camera if I'm on a walk with Emma and I see fantastic, dramatic cloud formations. Often times our skies are cloudless, pure blue for miles. As beautiful as that is, I prefer clouds. I love when the skies are clearing after a night of rain and the morning is full of promise. The blue slides in between the greys, kind of like a sky sandwich that nourishes the soul. Yup. Love those cloudy, magical moments.


Forever Young said...

okay, i get it, a visiting pet nurse, wow, never heard of that before, they certainly don't have this job here in the uk, fabulous, heartbreaking stuff.
i adore clouds too. snap.

eyecontact said...

What a fabulous blog idea. Love your descriptions and photos. You share well that deep 'sea breeze breath' that refreshes! I can almost smell the ocean; love those clouds.

steve said...

I agree. I've almost wrecked my car due to some eye-catching, beautiful formations in the sky. Thanks for sharing this with us and hope to see more pics from you soon sometime!