Thursday, January 31, 2008

Golden Moments

When I saw this Golden Retriever on Carmel Beach, I was lost in his world for a while. He just indulged in his carefree, water-loving , ain't got a care today typical and perfect! I'm sure he didn't bring worries or fears to the beach. No baggage for this guy. His only thoughts are food, tennis ball and beach. Does it get any better than that?

Today I'm grateful for wading dogs and tail wags, especially the one that's waiting at home for me.

(Click to enlarge)


Princess Pepper Cloud said...

What a fantastic picture and story. You appreciating the golden in her bliss made you a part of it too!

DeLi said...

oh my! im just so touched by these series. i love teh sea, and we are just so lucky to be with it!

Mim said...

one of the joys of having dogs is watching their joy in the world around them.

Margaret Ann said...

What a fantastic idea...a gratitude photo blog. I have several written ones...ala Oprah...but your photo one really capture more sentiment and nostalgia and remembrance...if you don't mind I might start one too...its an awesome legacy!