Monday, December 8, 2008

Cactus Monday:Prickly Pear and Palm

This is a huge palm tree in my friend's yard. The prickly pear cactus is also huge, so one day I squatted down and took an upshot of them together. The day was foggy grey. Would've been so much better if the sky was blue! I have no idea how to use Photoshop to change reality.

Happy Cactus Monday!!


yoon see said...
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yoon see said...

Nice & cute shot,
how amazing....the new stems up there of this cactus just ensembles a child palm here!
Thanks for sharing!
Happy cactus Monday!

Teri C said...

Fun shot!! It's funny how cactus and palm trees are so friendly.


Flying Colors said...

I want to go and hang out there!
Palms and Cacti such warm bodies, it did rub off :)

It's so cold here....

marianne said...

reality is sometimes good as it is!
Lovely picture Lolo!
And A sjimmie mandala will come your way wednesday I will draw one for the original but the spinn offs are nice as well. So nice you will send it to your friend!

HCM Lolo!
love >M<

Margaret Ann said...

This sorta of forms a funky head with palm tree hair...What an assortment of greens! HCM fellow cacuteer! :)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

nice comparison of cactus to palm. A fun photo.
I had no idea you had an entire other blog here. Glad I made the journey over.
(I clicked on my thumbs, but not sure which one you are talking about - on blogger? in blogger comments? facebook? on my page?)
Hope you are doing well; think we will get some real rain soon?

soulbrush said...

a good photo, so glad you posted something even if not an illo. xxx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These guys together are very charming. I like the vantage point too. Happy Cactus Monday.

Julie said...

Happy Cactus Monday! Neat photo!!! I missed out of CM today competely!!! Sorry!!!!

human being said...

so beautiful they are together... it seems as if the cactus has stretched her hand toward the palm... so emotional and impressive!