Monday, November 17, 2008

Tribute to Little Ava

I know the work I do is important which is one of the reasons I get up every morning. I get to help animals by providing prescribed medical care with love, compassion and confidence. I help the owners by listening to their concerns. . They know that I understand the importance of their companions and in no way do I think it's silly to consider them family members. In fact, I think it's silly not to.
And they all know I will give my honest, intuitive feelings when asked if it's time to let them go. And so it was with little Ava these past few days. She seemed to be getting more fragile and frail. There have been two falls that we know of, signs that her legs were getting weaker and probably her heart as well. But with little Ava it was hard to tell because she was so stoic. Never a complainer. Whenever she'd have a tough day, she'd rally. Iva, her Mom calls her The Comeback Kid!
Yesterday when I went over to see her I got a feeling in my gut that her time was coming. We finger-fed her some baby food and her mom started to cry because she was reminded of doing that for her last dog just before letting her go. When we talked on the phone later last night I told her mom that she might want to sleep with her, and she did.
Today it became clear to her that this was the day to let her go before any suffering began. And so it was.
Whatever your beliefs are, you know that little spirit is going to be hanging around the family for a long time to come. And she'll probably visit Iva in a dream tonight to let her know she's okay. Ava and Iva, inseparable souls.
Bless you little girl. You were a perfect patient and a sweet friend. I'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

Oh very beautiful....dear little Ava....she was blessed to have you in her life. My thoughts are with you and Ava's Mom.

Much Love,

Marilyn said...

Laurel, you are the true angel for all these beautiful animals. Your sweet words of compassion and love, embrace all of us that have had these dear little friends in our lives, Kudos to you.
Love always,

soulbrush said...

omg...sigh....there is a place waiting for you in heaven beside all these little ones. i know that when snuffs goes, i'd like no one better with me than you, dear you need to step back and rechafge your own batteries dear one as this is a very tough job...sigh....

Mim said...

I think it's such a blessing to have someone like you around to help with these times. When a person goes, there is alot of help and support but an animal? Usually I hear "it's just a dog" as I wail and cry. Oh, I can't wait until you move back to the east coast, then I'll get a dog again.
My heart goes out to the family of little Ava.

Debra Kay said...

Run free Ava-and give a tail wag to my beloveds if you see them.

sketched out said...

So painful to think of the loss, but helps to picture her wee spirit running free. You are truly a special soul to help these little ones pass and their human parents cope with their passing.

I tip a glass to you sweet Ava!

Anonymous said...

hi, i am ava's mom. this is my first blog experience and i am truely touched by your loving thoughts for my sweet sweet ava.

more important Laurel - a true angel of mercy who has been sent here for so many!!!!

All of us from our household have come to love you very much LoLo. You are not getting rid of us so fast!!!!


get zapped said...

Thank you for sharing with us this sweet pup. You are a saint for many animal owners, and touch so many with your kindness. A little prayer for Ava and her mom.

Peace to you.

kj said...


i'm always glad to know there are people like you doing good and loving works. thanks on behalf of the universe...


marianne said...

omg Lolo! What a sweetie. It is so sad when you have to let go of your beloved pet.......
And yes they are like children to me as well.
How this little Ava was blessed you have had your loving care! And her mom as well.
Thank you so much for being that angel on earth for them.
Love >M<

studio lolo said...

Dear Iva,
I know the days are getting easier because you know you gave her such a loving way out. We'll all miss that little face and bright spirit.
Thank you for the generous donation to the Mugu Memorial Hospice Fund in her name.
I love you!