Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Synchronized Sunsets

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to have met fellow blogger Sketched Out and her husband, Tom. They drove five hours from Southern California to meet me and to enjoy a weekend on the central coast. I happen to be one of her biggest fans in the blogsphere, and here I was about to meet her! I'm a very shy person in real life even though I may come across quite differently on the blog. Like many, I have self-esteem issues mainly based on my appearance.(Yes, I know what a waste of time that is.) On top of that, my friend came to meet me when I had major life issues going on, including the closing of Studio Lolo. In otherwords, I was not at my best!

We met at a Mexican restaurant and fell into easy conversation and laughter. It was as if we had been friends for years and we were just catching up! She and her wonderful husband were charming and engaging and made the meeting such a breeze. We went to my studio after dinner and they chose an Illustration Friday painting to take home with them, which I insisted they take as a gift. SuperHero now lives with them and I know she has a good home!

We met for breakfast the following morning before they went on their way to Point Lobos and Carmel Valley. We talked about the wonderful photo ops Tom would have as a photographer, and what places I suggested to stop for lunch and wine tasting.

When we met on our final morning together at another breakfast stop, they talked about the sunset and we each described the photos we took.( I watched the sunset that same evening down at Asilomar Beach with my dog, Emma.) So now when I look at this photo, it warms my heart to know they were sharing the same moment a little bit further up the coast.

I'll get down to their neck of the woods one day before I head back east. And I won't be preoccupied with "stuff." This time I'll be at my best.

So, thank you my friend for taking time out of your life to meet me and to bring light into a time of gloom. We'll always have this sunset!

(you can see their sunset by clicking on Tom above!)


sketched out said...

Wow, that is a spectacular photo... and what a wonderful sunset that was, especially to be spending it in such a magical place such as Point Lobos. Thanks, again for pointing us in that direction, along with all your other spot on suggestions.

Well, sweetie, if that was you, not at your best, than your best must be out-of-this-world, hee hee! You were wonderful to be around and so was Brian.

Laurel you are definitely yourself as a blogger, because there were no surprises. I felt as if we had known each other for years.

Looking forward to our next visit!!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Isn't it amazing how we all touch each other's lives! For all of the bad press the internet gets, I'll have to say being a part of this Illustration Friday community has enriched my life. It's like people of like minds and souls are able to connect in a way that wasn't possible before.

yoon see said...

It's so amazingly beautiful.

get zapped said...

Thank you for such an honest and candid post. Geez, if only we could be "our best" most of the time, but truly we aren't. But, then again, we are who we are, and we often see ourselves through filters anyway. I love the photo, it's precious.